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Tech Kings Bobble Their Response to Public Backlash

Web Hosting Industry News - 14 hours 46 min ago
The growing might of Google parent Alphabet, Apple Inc., Facebook and Amazon has been a recurring theme, particularly since last year when America's five tech kings became the five most valuable public companies in the world.
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Diversity to Drones: Black Hat Speakers Weigh in On Top Security Trends

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 27 - 11:31pm
From $10 hacks to wind farm meltdowns, Black Hat speakers share the state of security this week in Las Vegas.
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GigaSpaces Spins Off Cloudify, Its Open Source Cloud Orchestration Unit

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 27 - 10:59pm
GigaSpaces Technologies announced today that its business unit for Cloudify, the open source orchestration and cloud management platform, will be spun off into a new company focused on its core markets — cloud and telecoms.
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RightScale Optima Tool to Help Teams Coordinate Cloud Spending

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 11:36pm
RightScale launched its enterprise cloud cost management tool Optima to general availability on Tuesday.
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New Cloud Technology Partners Solution to Kickstart AWS Adoption

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 11:19pm
Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) announced Tuesday it has launched a fixed-time, fixed-price offering called Cloud KickStart for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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UniCredit Says 400,000 Accounts Were Hacked, Exposing Data

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 10:45pm
UniCredit SpA said hackers accessed about 400,000 client bank accounts in Italy, taking biographical and loan data in one of the biggest breaches in Europe to date.
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Adobe Plans to Stop Distributing Flash Service at End of 2020

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 10:34pm
Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash service -- which had long faced criticism for its cumbersome user experience and vulnerability to hacking -- is finally set to fade into history.
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Alphabet Q2 2017: Enterprise Efforts Pay Off for Google Cloud

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 4:21am
Google Cloud sits in the "other revenues" category, which reported over $3 billion in revenues, a rise of 42 percent from Q2 2016.
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BofA Says Bitcoin Needs Acceptance to Thrive But That's Unlikely

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 3:14am
Bank of America Merrill Lynch is looking past the increase in bitcoin trading volume to caution against a surge in optimism surrounding the digital currency.
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SiteLock Boosts Website Protection Portfolio with Patchman Acquisition

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 26 - 12:14am
SiteLock has acquired Dutch web security startup Patchman to add its server level website protection capabilities and amplify its global reach, according to a Tuesday announcement.
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Latest App Coding Trend Led by Docker Can Be a Hacker's Dream

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 25 - 10:46pm
Because of the way most containers are designed, they're black boxes on a network. Administrators may have no idea what's happening inside of them.
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Alphabet Falls on Concern About Rising Google Traffic Costs

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 25 - 9:33am
The company's costs are rising as it spends more to expand Google's newer, fastest-growing advertising businesses.
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Sweden Tries to Stem Fallout of Security Breach in IBM Contract

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 25 - 4:11am
Sweden's transport agency, which in 2015 outsourced its IT operations to IBM, has been criticized for ignoring warnings from the Swedish Security Service.
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GoDaddy Drops Curtain on Its Cloud Business… Again

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 25 - 3:01am
GoDaddy is shuttering Cloud Servers, its public cloud service.
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How to Become a ‘Digitally Native' Organization

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 25 - 2:53am
It's clear that digital solutions are going to be impacting the market and all sorts of verticals. The big question is how do you become a digitally native organization?
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Bitcoin Community Cheers as Miners Back New Scaling Framework

Web Hosting Industry News - 2017, July 21 - 8:41pm
The community, which had been split on how best to make the cryptocurrency more manageable, rallied behind a code upgrade known as SegWit2x, which aims to increase the network's transaction capacity.
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