Business to Business

What's Wrong With This Picture?

You've just started your new business venture and you are anxious to get on with building your brand. So you search online for the following:

  • Free Business Cards
  • Free Web Hosting with "Unlimited"
  • Free Web Design
  • Free Blog
  • Free Telephone Line

Some of you will laugh at this, but it is amazing how many new business owners go for these "free" services.

You've heard the proverb You get what you pay for, but nothing captures the insidious nature of these so-called "services" than the Japanese proverb There is nothing more expensive than free *. It expresses the idea that when you receive something, it is never really for free; that there is always some form or obligation or "catch" attached to it.

* 「ただより高いものはない」

Why Would a Business Settle for Consumer-Grade Services?

We are not saying that services have to be expensive! We just want to remind everybody that good value comes at a cost. If you want to let your customers know you are serious about business, do you really want to compromise?

At Hardfocus, we are committed to offering great business-grade services, stellar performance and reliability, and old-fashioned good value for your money.