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Updated: 1 hour 58 min ago

Tech Kings Bobble Their Response to Public Backlash

14 hours 46 min ago
The growing might of Google parent Alphabet, Apple Inc., Facebook and Amazon has been a recurring theme, particularly since last year when America's five tech kings became the five most valuable public companies in the world.
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Diversity to Drones: Black Hat Speakers Weigh in On Top Security Trends

2017, July 27 - 11:31pm
From $10 hacks to wind farm meltdowns, Black Hat speakers share the state of security this week in Las Vegas.
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GigaSpaces Spins Off Cloudify, Its Open Source Cloud Orchestration Unit

2017, July 27 - 10:59pm
GigaSpaces Technologies announced today that its business unit for Cloudify, the open source orchestration and cloud management platform, will be spun off into a new company focused on its core markets — cloud and telecoms.
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RightScale Optima Tool to Help Teams Coordinate Cloud Spending

2017, July 26 - 11:36pm
RightScale launched its enterprise cloud cost management tool Optima to general availability on Tuesday.
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New Cloud Technology Partners Solution to Kickstart AWS Adoption

2017, July 26 - 11:19pm
Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) announced Tuesday it has launched a fixed-time, fixed-price offering called Cloud KickStart for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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UniCredit Says 400,000 Accounts Were Hacked, Exposing Data

2017, July 26 - 10:45pm
UniCredit SpA said hackers accessed about 400,000 client bank accounts in Italy, taking biographical and loan data in one of the biggest breaches in Europe to date.
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Adobe Plans to Stop Distributing Flash Service at End of 2020

2017, July 26 - 10:34pm
Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash service -- which had long faced criticism for its cumbersome user experience and vulnerability to hacking -- is finally set to fade into history.
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Alphabet Q2 2017: Enterprise Efforts Pay Off for Google Cloud

2017, July 26 - 4:21am
Google Cloud sits in the "other revenues" category, which reported over $3 billion in revenues, a rise of 42 percent from Q2 2016.
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BofA Says Bitcoin Needs Acceptance to Thrive But That's Unlikely

2017, July 26 - 3:14am
Bank of America Merrill Lynch is looking past the increase in bitcoin trading volume to caution against a surge in optimism surrounding the digital currency.
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SiteLock Boosts Website Protection Portfolio with Patchman Acquisition

2017, July 26 - 12:14am
SiteLock has acquired Dutch web security startup Patchman to add its server level website protection capabilities and amplify its global reach, according to a Tuesday announcement.
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Latest App Coding Trend Led by Docker Can Be a Hacker's Dream

2017, July 25 - 10:46pm
Because of the way most containers are designed, they're black boxes on a network. Administrators may have no idea what's happening inside of them.
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Alphabet Falls on Concern About Rising Google Traffic Costs

2017, July 25 - 9:33am
The company's costs are rising as it spends more to expand Google's newer, fastest-growing advertising businesses.
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Sweden Tries to Stem Fallout of Security Breach in IBM Contract

2017, July 25 - 4:11am
Sweden's transport agency, which in 2015 outsourced its IT operations to IBM, has been criticized for ignoring warnings from the Swedish Security Service.
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GoDaddy Drops Curtain on Its Cloud Business… Again

2017, July 25 - 3:01am
GoDaddy is shuttering Cloud Servers, its public cloud service.
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How to Become a ‘Digitally Native' Organization

2017, July 25 - 2:53am
It's clear that digital solutions are going to be impacting the market and all sorts of verticals. The big question is how do you become a digitally native organization?
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Bitcoin Community Cheers as Miners Back New Scaling Framework

2017, July 21 - 8:41pm
The community, which had been split on how best to make the cryptocurrency more manageable, rallied behind a code upgrade known as SegWit2x, which aims to increase the network's transaction capacity.
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