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Voice over Internet Protocol (<b>VoIP</b>) Services Market Key Driving Factors, Market Scenario and ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 6:45pm
Increasing trend of mobile-based VoIP services such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber and Skype, in conjugation with increasing penetration of smartphones ...
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Foodvisor automatically tracks what you eat using deep learning

Startup News - 2019, October 14 - 5:10pm

Meet Foodvisor, a startup that has built a mobile app that helps you log everything you eat in order to lose weight, follow a diet or get healthier. You can add data by capturing a photo of your plate before you eat.

“We’ve spent a little over two years doing research and development before we launched the app in 2018 in France,” co-founder and CMO Aurore Tran told me. Foodvisor has raised $1.5 million so far (€1.4 million).

The company is using deep learning to enable image recognition to detect what you’re about to eat. In addition to identifying the type of food, the app tries to estimate the weight of each item.

Foodvisor tries to evaluate the distance between your plate and your phone using camera autofocus data. It then calculates the area of each food item. The company then tries to extrapolate the volume of each item depending on the type of food.

And of course, if Foodvisor got something wrong, you can manually correct it before you log your meal. Many people give up on nutrition trackers because it’s too demanding. Foodvisor’s technology is all about making the data entry process as seamless as possible.

After that, you get a list of nutrition facts about what you just ate — calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, etc. You can then set a goal, log activities and monitor your progress over time.

The startup has managed to attract 1.8 million app downloads already. It is available on iOS and Android in French, English, German and Spanish. “We have adjusted our product, we’ve enriched our database to better target the American market,” Tran said.

It offers a premium subscription for $5 to $10 per month. In addition to more analysis and diet plans, the main feature of the premium plan is that you can chat with a registered dietitian/nutritionist directly in the app. It turns out that artificial intelligence can’t replace real human nutritionists altogether.

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Friday deadline alert: Apply to TC Top Picks @ Disrupt Berlin 2019

Startup News - 2019, October 14 - 5:00pm

We dedicate this countdown post to all the early-stage startup founders who hunger for an opportunity to break new ground. This is the final week you can apply to be a TC Top Pick and exhibit your startup — for free — in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December.

The application window remains open until this Friday, 18 October at 12 p.m. (PT). Don’t miss your shot at media attention, investor interest and plenty of exposure to potential customers and collaborators — apply to be a TC Top Pick right now.

If you haven’t heard about our Top Picks program, here’s a brief rundown. In this pre-Disrupt competition, TechCrunch editors closely review and vet applications from any early-stage startups that fit in one of these tech categories: AI/Machine Learning, Biotech/Healthtech, Blockchain, Fintech, Mobility, Privacy/Security, Retail/E-commerce, Robotics/IoT/Hardware, CRM/Enterprise and Education.

They’re searching for innovative, interesting startups with a real shot at success. Check out the TC Top Picks from Disrupt Berlin 2018 to get a sense of what they look for. Ultimately, they’ll select up to five startups to represent each category.

All TC Top Picks receive a free Startup Alley Exhibitor Package which, among other perks, includes three Founders passes and one full day exhibiting in a prime location within Startup Alley. This truly is a VIP experience that includes invitations to networking parties and plenty of attention from investors, global press and potential customers.

In a classic “but wait, there’s more” moment, our TechCrunch editors will take to the Showcase Stage to interview every Top Pick. We’ll record the interviews and promote the videos across our social media platforms. Talk about a great conversation starter when you’re meeting with potential clients or investors.

You don’t have anything to lose by applying to be a TC Top Pick, but you do have a lot to gain. Here’s what Caleb John, co-founder and CEO of Cedar Robotics, had to say about his experience.

“Being a TC Top Pick validates your startup, helps your business gain traction and opens doors to investors, customers or vendors. The onstage interview was a great experience, and the YouTube video exposure is huge for us.”

Disrupt Berlin 2019 takes place on 11-12 December, but you have only until this Friday, 18 October at 12 p.m. (PT) to apply to be a TC Top Pick. Take a shot and break new ground for your outstanding startup. Come and show us what you’ve got!

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Disrupt Berlin 2019? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.

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Global Cloud Private Branch Exchange(PBX) Software Market 2019 Future Development ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 4:15pm
Global Cloud Private Branch Exchange(PBX) Software Market 2019 Future Development – Monster VoIP, Junction Networks, Digium, Bitrix, Microsoft.
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<b>VoIP</b> Providers Market 2025: Topmost manufacturers With Size, Regions, Types, Major Drivers ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 3:56pm
MarketReports has announced the addition of the global informative report on the VoIP Providers market for getting better insights into the global VoIP ...
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Sales Margin of Mobile <b>VoIP</b> Market Growth Rate(%) With Revenue(Million) and Forecast By 2028

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 3:45pm
Latest research study from MarketResearch.Biz with title Global Mobile VoIP Market is disclosed. The global Research Mobile VoIP report gives a ...
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&#39;World War 3&#39; Snags a New Update

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 3:11pm
VOIP reworked. New lighting across all maps. Several tweaks and quality of life changes, including a new post-death screen.
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“Global and United States <b>VoIP</b> Market 2019 – Obihai , magicJack , ooma , Cisco , Plantronics ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 6:45am
Global and United States VoIP Market Information, Segmentation, Historical Research, Analysis and Forecasting to 2025. The Global and United ...
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ROE &amp; Due Diligence Report on <b>Voip</b>-Pal.Com Inc. (OTCPK:VPLM), Golden Matrix Group, Inc ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 14 - 3:11am
Placing Voip-Pal.Com Inc. (OTCPK:VPLM) shares under the microscope we note that the firm has a current Return on Equity of -2.627048. Simply put ...
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Developing Evolutions in Global Mobile <b>VoIP</b> Market to 2028 with Prominent Vendors: Mircosoft ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 4:18pm
New York City, NY: October 13, 2019 – Published via (Wired Release) – Global Mobile VoIP Market report 2019 has been composed following ...
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Global PolySwitch Resettable Devices Market Growth 2019: Littelfuse, Bourns, Eaton Bussmann ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 4:07pm
It demonstrates various segments Polymer Type, Ceramic Type and sub-segments PC, Alarm Systems, Set-Top Boxes, VOIP Equipment, Automotive, ...
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Exclusive: Dubai Expo 2020 – What is the world expecting?

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 3:33pm
On the other hand, telecommunications registered a negative sentiment of 20 per cent, versus a 4 per cent positive reaction – mainly due to the VoIP ...
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Global <b>VoIP</b> Market Overview, Cost Structure Analysis, Growth Opportunities and Forecast to 2025

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 12:45pm
Overview of the “VoIP” Market: –. Report on the “Global VoIP Market Analysis 2013-2018 and Forecast 2019-2024”. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ...
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AI-based firefighter safety startup Prometeo wins IBM Call for Code Challenge

Startup News - 2019, October 13 - 10:00am

During an event at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room in New York City, IBM unveiled the winners of its annual Call for Code Global Challenge. The competition, which is targeted at computing solutions for global problems, crowned five winners, ranging from first responders to healthcare info.

Prometeo took the top prize for its Watson-based AI solution targeted at firefighters. The team, which is led by a 33-year firefighting veteran, has developed a tool designed to monitor health and safety in the industry, both long term and in real time. The Spanish startup developed a smartphone-sized device that straps onto the wearer’s arm to gauge things like temperature, smoke and humidity.

“If the color signal is green, the health of the firefighter is okay,” co-founder Salomé Valero explains on IBM’s site. “But if the color signal is yellow or red, the command center must do something. They must take immediate action in order to rescue or remove the firefighter from the fire.”

The team is working to roll out the device for testing in Spain, but is currently seeking funding for the project. The $200,000 prize from IBM ought to help out a bit.

The second place prize went to India/China/U.S.-based Sparrow, which has developed a platform for addressing physical and psychological health during natural disasters. UCLA’s team, Rove, scored third place with a similar concept.

Call for Code is a five-year program that aims to hand out $30 million for teams addressing widespread societal issues.

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Worldwide Explosion-Proof <b>VoIP</b> Portable Phones Market 2019 Market Analysis and Forecast by ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 9:33am
Global “Explosion-Proof VoIP Portable Phones Market” (2019-2026) research report analysed the current state in the definitions, classifications, ...
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Global PoE Injectors Market 2019 With Top Countries Data : Supply Demand Scenario ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 8:26am
Majority of the installed wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and VoIP telephones are already equipped to receive power via Ethernet connection.
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Why each Libra member’s mutiny hurts Facebook

Startup News - 2019, October 13 - 8:07am

There’s a strategic cost to the defection of Visa, Stripe, eBay, and more from the Facebook -led cryptocurrency Libra Association . They’re not just names dropping off a list. Each potentially made Libra more useful, ubiquitous, or reputable. Now they could become obstacles to the token’s launch or growth.

Fearing regulators’ inquiries not just into their Libra involvement but the rest of their businesses, these companies are pulling out at least for now. None had made precise commitments to integrating Libra into their products, and they’ve said they could still get involved later. But their exit clouds the project’s future and leaves Facebook to absorb more of the blowback.

Here’s what each of the departing Libra Association members brought to the table and how they could spawn new challenges for the cryptocurrency:


With one of most widely-accepted payment methods, Visa could have helped make Libra universally spendable. It’s also one of the most prestigious names in finance, lending deep credibility to the project. Visa’s departure leaves Libra looking more like tech companies barging into payments, conjuring fears of their move fast, break things approach that could cause financial ruin if Libra runs into problems. It also could leave Libra with a much weaker presence in brick-and-mortar shops. No one will want to own a cryptocurrency that doesn’t appreciate in value and can’t be easily spent.


The involvement of MasterCard alongside Visa made Libra look like the incumbents adapting to modern technologies. This made it less threatening, and gave cryptocurrency an air of inevitability. MasterCard would have also brought an even wider network of locations where Libra could one day be used for payment. Now MasterCard and Visa might actively work against Libra to prevent their payment methods being made obsolete by Libra and its elimination of transaction fees through the blockchain. Two of Libras biggest allies could become its biggest foes.


Facebook has repeatedly told regulators that its Calibra app plus integrations into Messenger and WhatsApp would not be the only Libra wallets, pointing to PayPal . Facebook’s head of Libra David Marcus told Congress when asked about the social network’s outsized power to exploit Libra through its own Calibra wallet that “you have companies like PayPal and others that will, of course, collaborate, but [also] compete with us”. Now Facebook won’t have a scaled payment method it doesn’t own to point to as a likely alternative for people who don’t want to trust Facebook’s Calibra, Messenger, or WhatsApp to be their Libra wallet. The Libra Association also loses PayPal’s enormous network of online merchants that accept it, plus the inroad to integration into its peer-to-peer payback app Venmo. PayPal convinced the mainstream public to trust online payments — the exact kind of trust Facebook desperately needs. The fact that Marcus was also the former president of PayPal but couldn’t keep it in the association raises concerns about the group’s coalition-building prowess.


Stripe’s enormous popularity with ecommerce vendors made it a valuable Libra Association member. Together with PayPal, Stripe facilitates a huge portion of online transactions outside of China. Its ease of integration made it a top pick for developers Facebook surely hoped would build atop Libra. Stripe’s exit destroys a critical bridge to the fintech startup ecosystem that could have helped institutionalize Libra. Now the association will have to work on engineering payment widgets from scratch without Stripe’s assistance, which could slow adoption if it ever launches.

There’s a clear reason all these payment processors bailed. Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) wrote a letter to Visa, MasterCard, and Stripe’s CEOs this week explaining that “If you take this on, you can expect a high level of scrutiny from regulators not only on Libra-related activities, but on all payment activities.”


As one of the longest standing ecommerce companies, eBay bolstered beliefs that Libra could be used to power transactions between untrusted strangers without a costly middleman. It might have also put Libra into practice on one of the top western online marketplaces outside of Amazon. Without destinations like eBay onboard, average netizens will have fewer opportunities to be exposed to Libra’s potential to eliminate transaction fees.

Mercado Pago

One of the lesser-known Libra Association members, Mercado Pago helps merchants receive payments via email or in installments. The idea of connecting financially underserved populations has been core to Facebook’s pitch for why Libra should exist. The Libra Association has been light on the details of how exactly it serves this demographic, relying on the inclusion of partners like Mercado Pago to help it figure this out later. Mercado Pago’s departure leaves Libra looking more like a financial power grab rather than a tool to assist the disadvantaged.

Who’s Left?

On Monday, the remaining Libra Association members will meet to finalize the initial member list, elect a board, and create a charter to govern the project. This forced the hands of the companies above, who had their last chance to depart this week before being pulled deeper into Libra.

UNITED STATES – JULY 16: David Marcus, head of Facebook’s Calibra digital wallet service, prepares to testify during the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on “Examining Facebook’s Proposed Digital Currency and Data Privacy Considerations” on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Who’s left includes venture capital firms, ride sharing companies, non-profits, and cryptocurrency companies. They are less tied up with the status quo of payment processing, and therefore had less to lose. The blockchain-specific companies were likely hoping to piggyback on financial giants like Visa to get Libra approved and create more legitimacy for their industry as a whole.

Pegging Libra to just the $ could soothe regulators, a16z says

These partners could help fund an ecosystem of Libra developers, create daily use cases, spread the system in the developing world, and push for alliances between Libra and cryptocurrency players. Facebook will need to fight to keep them aboard if it wants to avoid Libra looking like a unilateral disruption of the economy.

For Libra to actually launch, Facebook needs to make serious concessions and divert from its initial vision. Otherwise if it continues to butt heads with regulators, more members could flee. One option floated by Libra Association member Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Crypto partner Chris Dixon was for Libra to be denominated in US dollars instead of a basket of international currencies. That might lessen fears that Libra intends to compete directly with the dollar.

It’s become apparent that Facebook will not get its ideal cryptocurrency out the door. This is the brand tax of 100 scandals coming back to bite it. Now the best it can hope for is to get even a watered-down version launched, prove it can actually help the underbanked, and then hope to convince regulators it’s well-intentioned.

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Call Control Platform Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2018 – 2026

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 7:41am
For voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, call control connection is used to control the connections between H.323 end points or between a ...
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Global <b>Voip</b> Equipment Market 2018 Key Players, Regions, Regional Outlook, Analysis, Growth ...

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 6:00am
'Global Voip Equipment Market, 2018 – 2023 Market Research Report' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Voip ...
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Softphone Solutions Market : Opportunities and Forecast Assessment, , 2019 – 2027

Google News - VoIP - 2019, October 13 - 3:45am
Softphone Solutions Market: Introduction Softphone is an application programming solution that allows users to use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) ...
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